About us

We renew people’s confidence in themselves by designing and creating beautiful dentures.

We’re going to help you renew your dignity so you can boldly take on the world!

Everyone goes through a time in a life where they feel like their confidence has been stripped and you’re only left with embarrassment. Unfortunately, the loss of your teeth, dental damage, and even bad dentures can all contribute to those feelings as well. This is made even worse when we feel like we aren’t properly educated about the problems and solutions presented to us! We’re to help people cross that journey.

With over 8 years of experience in the dental field, and tons of mentoring from passionate, skillful teachers, we’ve got the plan to help you get back your natural smile. We have taken the time to not only care for patients, but to also be students of patients – learning their fears, hesitations, needs, and desires.  This process has allowed us to perfect the necessary craft to address each of these important points.

Through our personalized CARE Plans and professional services, we’re here to restore your natural smile and walk with you through the entire process!

Meet the team

Jeremy Den Ouden


Jeremy believes every one of his patients deserves to eat, smile, and carry out incredible, fulfilling lives with the confidence that comes with a great denture. It is this passionate belief that has given Jeremy the reputation of being a stickler for detail. More than anything, Jeremy is known for his sincere care for his patients. When you're in Jeremy's dental chair, he will do everything he can to make you look and feel like royalty.

Holly Den Ouden

Office Manager

Holly is likely the first smiling face you'll see when you visit Renew Denture Clinic. Her background as a care aid and customer service professional speaks to her natural care for people. Holly truly takes pride in creating a clinic environment catered to making every patient feel comfortable and valued the second they call or walk through the door. No matter your question or concern, call or e-mail the clinic and speak with Holly - you'll be happy you did.

Restore your natural smile

At Renew Denture Clinic, you’re going to walk out with a renewed smile and confidence to take on the world. Embarrassment, pain and discomfort will be something of the past!